About CalPhos Enterprises

CalPhos Enterprises is an expertise in Gelatine and Phosphate Industries with 17 years Operational, Research and Development, Technical services and trading experiences. CalPhos is being managed by well qualified and experienced professionals drawn from the best in the industry who strive for excellence.

We are manufacturing Animal Feed Grade DCP in Vellapakkam Village, Cuddalore Taluk, Tamil Nadu.

CalPhos has provided Technical Services to India, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt and supplying products to India and overseas market.

Our Core Business

Halal Gelatine

Gelatine is pure protein and a natural foodstuff. It’s made from the Cow bones and skins - all of which are approved for human consumption by the veterinary authorities. They contain the collagen protein that we use to supply our customers.

Low Grade Rock Phosphate

It is being generated in large amount during the beneficiation process. Low Grade Rock Phosphate contains 18%, 20%,24% and 28% of P2O5 with high impurities of Silica and Feral. CalPhos has developed a process to utilize Low Grade Rock Phosphate and convert in to value added products as Phosphoric Acid, NPK and Di-Calcium Phosphate.

Beneficiated Rock Phosphate

Rock Phosphate is a Non-Detrital Sedimentary rock which contains high amounts of Phosphate Minerals. The Sedimentary rock phosphates are further concentrated to 30% ~ 32% P2O5 by Beneficiation process in order to remove impurities.

Beneficiated Rock Phosphate is used to produce Phosphoric Acid, Single and Triple Super Phosphate, Di-Calcium Phosphate and other downstream Phosphotic products.

Fluro Silicic Acid (FSA) Treatment

FSA is being generated as by -product in the Phosphoric Acid Plants and it is used for Calcium and Sodium Silico Fluorides.