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  • Animal Feed Industry

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  • Fertilizer and Phosphate Industries

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CalPhos Enterprises, India is an Engineering Company and providing technology for Rejected Low Grade Rock Phosphate (15-22% P2O5) to Phosphatic Products and Fluoro Silicic Acid to SSF & Di Calcium Phosphate.

CalPhos is involved in Technology Supply, Manufacturing, Export & Import & Distribution for past Two Decades in the filed of Phosphatic Products, Ossein, Gelatin, Collagen & Keratin, Essential Oils, Herbal Products, Spices, and Agri Cultural Products

Why choose us?

Our Services


Consultancy services / Basic Engineering

CalPhos Enterprises provide Consultancy services / Basic Engineering for Ossein, Gelatine, Phosphoric Acid, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Single Super Phosphate, Conversion of Low Grade Rock Phosphate to Di-Calcium Phosphate and Phosphoric Acid and Fluro Silicic Acid Treatment. We have offered our Technology to India, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey and Egypt.


Technical Services for P2O5 Recovery

CalPhos Enterprises also provide Technical Services for P2O5 recovery, Capacity Enhancement, Cost reduction in Existing Phosphate Industries. In addition, Conversion of Low Grade Rock Phosphate and Fluro Silicic Acid into value added Products.


Pilot Plant Studies

We are offering Pilot Plant Studies for our above specialized sectors.


Feasibility Studies

We are well capable to offer Feasibility Studies for new projects.